Essential Services, LLC provides order fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution services, for customers worldwide. We are located in the center of the United States, north of Chicago, IL, we are at the midpoint between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Our Mission Statement — Our Philosophy:
Essential Services' flexibility and customization of service offerings sets us apart from the competition.

Essential Services is committed to providing our customers the highest level of professionalism and service in the industry providing, custom warehousing, critical service logistics, distribution, and order fulfillment to meet their business needs in a cost effective manner.

Our first responsibility will always be the customer. We believe in building relationships not just revenue.

The customer always being first in everything we do,
we pledge to:

Listen to our customers
Make it easy for our customers to do business with us.
Continued communication with our customers, verifying our services are above their expectations.

Service Strategy:
In June 2004, Essential Services expanded into a multi-use industrial park ( Keller Business Center) located in the Park City Business District. The principle service offering is secure warehousing of customer product providing rapid/urgent order fulfillment and critical service logistics/distribution using internal and external means.

We will customize our services to our customers needs based on a professional needs assessment, collected while closely working with our customers, at start up and continuing through the business relationship. We will offer different level of services based on the requirements and pricing, allowing the customer to choose the level of service that meets their business and budgetary needs.

In responding to our customers, we have and will continue to provide rapid/urgent response order fulfillment. We will continue to listen too and seek out the requirements of our customers, being flexible while customizing services that meet their changing business needs. Our expectation is that each customer will be different in the processes necessary to service their account. Essential Services' flexibility and customization of service offerings sets us apart from the competition.